Shelley Jackson's Art



After spending many years in Oregon, I have moved back to Loomis, California. Growing up in northern California, I developed a love for art and horses. As a student at Del Oro High School, my art teacher Richard Carmassi taught me the basics. From there I went to Sierra College to study art. Following that time, I moved back east to a small town near Philadelphia, Pa. in the Brandywine country, home of Andrew Wyeth.
While attending classes at Community Art in Media, Pennsylvania, I took the opportunty to visit many museums. Among the many styles of art that I appreciate, I particularly enjoy seeing the Impressionists. My background is in abstract art, and lately I have combined this with my love of horses to create a unique fusion of abstract and equestrian art.  I am very active in the equestrian world;  I am a riding instructor. Many horse owners have commissioned me to paint their horses, and my extensive equestrian experience allows me to capture the personality of the horse in each of my paintings. In addition to horses, I also enjoy painting abstacts, people, trees and landscapes. 
Member of : Blue Line Gallery,
Rosevellie, Ca
Shelley Jackson & George Morris ( Captain of the US Olympic Showjumping team)