Mission: To Promote Art, Artists and Galleries in California (especially in Rocklin)

As a child, I liked to draw. I received some complements and it went to my head. I got into painting military miniatures which would pay for some of my surfing. At age 15, I drew while in Europe. I was into the human figure and portraits, which I continued during high school. After that, I did some schooling at Art Center in Los Angeles prior to moving to North Lake Tahoe. There I did some signage and made spare change selling signage for local businesses.

I remember Laguna Beach and how much I loved the quality of art in the local galleries and at the various festivals.Recently, after a trip there, I decided to promote their work up here in Northern California.

I’ve found many skilled artists in my own City of Rocklin. My site sells my own collection and anything anyone else would like to submit.

Thank you for visiting!

If you see something you like or would like me to display your works here, please call me.
THERE IS NO FEE TO SUBMIT A SUMMARY PAGE OF YOUR SELF, GALLERY OR WORK. If someone mentions they found you or your work at my site and they buy something from you, please send a note along with a check for 10 percent of the sales price(s) made out to “The Small Businessman.” I run this on the honor system with no contracts unless I store your works (for liability reasons).

I will also photograph local art and sell for you on this site and others for the same 10% fee. You may contract to do so via email with your own photo if you like. Let me know if you would like your’s or my phone numbers listed on the ad.


Laguna North Artworks are available to fit any budget.

I will take cash, gold, PayPal or any combination of the three.
(no gold is kept on premises so no change can be made in gold.)

(916) 435-9090