Featured Artist - Ken Marapese

Ken Marapese on Ken Marapese
I was born and raised in Southern California and have lived in Orange County most of my life. I would describe my artworks as drawn etchings. I arrange thousands and thousands of lines and marks using shape and color to create artworks. My artworks are designed to be viewed from the macro to the micro. While viewing the artworks from a distance I want them to appear three dimensional, this is the macro. When viewing the artworks up close the an infinite number of lines and marks become discernable, this is the micro. While looking at the artworks on this website you will see the macro, the whole artwork, and some details of that artwork to show the micro. My artworks and the techniques I use to produce them are unique. I use calligraphy pens, brushes and acrylic inks on paper to create them. I have designed and fabricated several tools. The tools I design come from a need to accomplish some effect that I want to illustrate. My artworks are labor intensive. Each artwork is a challenge. I enjoy these self imposed challenges as they take me to the limits of my abilities. Creating my art is an unfolding journey written by my desire to challenge my abilities. I am a self taught artist. Whatever I would become as an artist I wanted to be from whatever I thought. To achieve this I have keep my distance from other artists and the world of art. This was just a path I choose, the way I decided to tell a story in art.

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